Davies Dragon Pride Newsletter


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Upcoming dates

4/27 Strategic Planning meeting #3

4/28 Davies Got Talent!

5/1-5/5 Teacher Appreciation Week

5/1-5/3 Grades 6/7 PARCC Math testing

5/8-5/10 Grade 8 PARCC ELA testing

5/12 Grade 8 Dinner Dance

5/15 PTA Meeting

5/15-5/17 Grade 8 PARCC Math testing

5/18 Annual Spring Concert (at Hess)

5/19 Interim report cards issued

5/22 Board of Education meeting

5/24 Atlantic Cape Teen Arts Festival

5/26 Boys BBQ

5/29 Memorial Day - no school

5/31 8th Grade Awards Night

5/31 Grade 8 NJASK Science Testing

6/1 Band and Choir Awards

6/7 Grade 8 NJASK Science Testing Make-up Day

6/13 8th grade Ceremony, 4:00 at Oakcrest (half-day, all students)

6/15 Last day of school (half-day, all students)

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Students of the Month

Congratulations to our February and March students of the month; you are role models to us all!


Sock Hop

Thank you to Mrs. Berchtold and Mrs. Meile for the photos.

Ladies Tea

On Friday, March 31, 2017 the William Davies Middle School hosted its Twelfth Annual Ladies’ Tea in recognition of Women’s History Month. This event provides the opportunity for approximately 60 young ladies in the sixth, seventh, and eighth grades to network with successful professional women who come from diverse backgrounds. The theme this year, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams,” by Eleanor Roosevelt delivers the inspirational message to young female students to continue their education and achieve their dreams.

The William Davies Middle School Library was once again transformed into a charming setting for a tea social. The morning events included an elegant brunch, a table etiquette lesson, and an opportunity for the young ladies to meet with each of the invited women. Sponsors of the Twelfth Annual Ladies’ Tea included Harrah’s of Atlantic City, Hamilton Township Education Association, Green Garden Teas, Davies Dragon Pride Committee, Davies Book Store, Floral Simplicity, and WAWA Community Cares.

Click here to view slideshow.

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Technology Integration

I want to thank the PTA for supporting my project by approving my grant. This grant has allowed me to have a classroom set of Bloxels available to integrate into all subject areas for grades 6-8. Bloxels is an amazing game because it allows students to be exposed to Computer Science skills and concepts through game-based design. Bloxels allows students to be active participants in their learning while having a place to create, challenge, and innovate. I already exposed many students to Bloxels in STEM, Math, and ELA, and I am currently working in LMT, and Science classes too. Click here to view the Ellis Island Narrative digital story that was completed in 6th grade ELA. Thank you, Mrs. Kim Mattina

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Manga High Ninja Challenge

Mr. Akers' seventh grade students Ethan Gale, Gavin Healy, David Hoang, and Lasaan Jackson-White earned gold medals in the Manga High Ninja Challenge. The challenge was open to students all over the world. To earn their gold medal, each student had to earn a minimum of 150 points during the two week challenge playing math based games.
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Congratulations on an almost undefeated season to our boys' wrestling team and to their coaches, Mr. Brian Beck and Mr. Matt Robinson. The boys were defeated in a heartbreaking final match with 50-52 to the undefeated Galloway Township Middle School team. Next year we'll take them all down! See videos below of the final match. (Thank you, Mr. Beck, for the great videos.)
Davies vs. GTMS Part 1 2/23/17
Davies vs. GTMS Part 2 2/23/17

Dodgeball Madness

Every year, teachers from all three Hamilton Township schools compete in a dodgeball tournament. The stakes are high as each school vies for the glory. This year's tournament returned the prize to the Davies school when the Black Team beat the Hess Hornets. Thank you to Mr. Aleszczyk and Ms. Mathis.
Davies 8th Grade Dodgeball Finals Game 1
Davies 8th Grade Dodgeball Finals Game 2
Davies Dodgeball Championship 2017 - Teacher's
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National Junior Honor Society

Congratulations to the recently-elected NJHS officers of 2017-2018!

Environmental Club

The Environmental Club is helping the Petrongolo family this month to collect used shoes for their baseball team. The shoes will be shipped to underdeveloped countries, where citizens will sell the shoes to create earnings for their own families. Talk about sustainability! Upon becoming a nationally recognized Green Ribbon School in 2015, Mr. Santilli said, "'As a school community we have every intention to continue to build on the framework that for us has essentially just begun. We will continue to make strides in our school and community to ensure that we promote an environment that supports sustainability in an effort to 'pay it forward' to future generations.'” Participating in this worthwhile shoe drive embodies Davies' commitment to sustainability and recognizing our responsibility to our planet. Thank you to the Petrongolos for spearheading this movement!

If every Davies student brought in one pair of shoes that do not fit or are no longer stylish, that would be over 1000 pairs of shoes! Please bring in your shoes by Friday, April 28th.

Hairspray, Jr Slideshow

Under the direction of Mrs. Winkler, Mrs. Arsenault, and Ms. Tobin, our Davies drama students performed Hairspray, Jr. What an exciting and well-performed show! Well done to all of you! Thank you, also, to Ms. Costello for the BEAUTIFUL photos!

Hairspray 2017
Hairspray April 2017
Performing Arts Night

Thank you to parent Jennifer Smith for the stunning photos!

Green Mustache Contest

The WDMS Student Council and Environmental Club participated in Atlanticare Healthy School's county-wide Green Mustache Contest. Atlanticare randomly chose Luis Robles' photo as the winner of a $25 Visa gift card! Congrats to Luis!
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Did you order your copy yet? The Davies Yearbook is still on sale, however they are only available in person now; you cannot order any yearbooks online moving forward. The price of the book is $30, cash only. Stop by Room A108 during homeroom to place an order. If you have any sales questions, you can email Mrs. Carter at cartera@hamiltonschools.org. Also, keep in mind that we have sold out of books the last two years, so please do not wait! You can see this year's image photo below. Thank you for your continued support of the Davies Yearbook! #WeAreDavies

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NJHS Pop Tab Collection

The William Davies Middle School National Junior Honor Society, in association with sixth grader Makenzie Gallagher, is collecting pop tabs for Ronald McDonald House (a non-profit organization). By collecting and then donating these tabs, the Ronald McDonald House is able to give them to a recycling company and receive money. With this money, they are able to provide free housing for families who have sick children while their children are in the hospital. Pop tabs are generally found on soda cans. However, they accept tabs from energy drinks, soup cans, and anything with a metallic tab. It is an easy way to support the worthwhile cause of the Ronald McDonald House. #Makenziestrong
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7 Tips to Help Your Child Manage Stress

1. Stop overscheduling

Every child should have a few afternoons or nights each week and chunks of time on the weekend where they have nothing to do. This will ensure that there is time to eat dinner together on a regular basis (it doesn't have to be every day) and that children have time to relax.

2. Make time for (physical) play

Play is when there is no lesson, no competition, and no "lesson to be learned."

3. Prioritize sleep

Create an environment that facilitates sleep--no tv, electronics, phones. Adolescents 10-17 should be getting 8.5 to 9.5 hours of sleep each night.

4. Teach kids to listen to their bodies.

Stomachaches and headaches are indications that there might be too much stressors in a child's life. It might be time to cut back.

5. Manage your own stress

Stress is contagious; if you are stressed, your children are stressed. Remember to use the same tips we give kids: breathe, count, give yourself space from what is stressing you.

6. Make mornings more calm

Stagger wake-up times, pack backpacks and lunches the night before, and keep breakfasts easy and predictable

7. Prepare your kids to deal with setbacks

Remind your kids that mistakes are part of the process of learning new things. Help them figure out what to do differently next time and move on.

Source: Psych Central

Healthy Tips for Healthy Living

It's time to shape up for Spring and Summer!

1. Identify why it's time to get healthier; what specifically do you need to change?

2. Find at least one way to be active every day.

3. Eat whole foods; stay away from processed foods by staying towards the perimeter of the grocery store.

4. Change your mindset so that healthy food and exercise are your rewards, not punishment.

5. Get enough sleep!

6. Hydrate-hydrate-hydrate!

7. Get a buddy to work with towards both of your health and happiness. Pack lunches for each other and make exercise appointments with each other. Hold each other accountable.

Source: Today

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Have your child (age 4-17) draw why life is good, and their design could become a future Life is Good tee or win them a $2,000 scholarship!. Plus, for every entry Life is Good will donate $1 to help kids in need. Get an entry form at LifeisGood.com/ArtContest.
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