Middle Childhood Health Concerns

Miranda Partain


  • Mid-range sound recognition is the first to develop
  • Ear infections may become an issue
    - may cause hearing damage if left untreated
  • # of ear infections decreases with age
    - structural changes in the body help this
    - Eustachian tube changes position (connects middle ear to throat)
    - helps bacteria and liquid stay out of ear


By age 6 ...

  • children are ready to read
  • most children can see with both eyes
  • focusing ability improves
  • many children are farsighted
    - some are nearsighted
  • close up vision improves by middle childhood
Nearsightedness is corrected using corrective lenses.

  • 25% of children may need vision correction
  • eye checkups are very important
    - helps to detect any visionary problems


  • begin losing baby teeth
    - central incisors fall out first (upper & lower front teeth)
At age 12 ...

  • 20 primary teeth are replaced with permanent teeth
A psychological effect may occur in children

  • become self-conscious
  • attention to change may make child uncomfortable
Tooth Decay is a common problem among children

  • occurs in children with poor dental hygiene
  • children in poor health are at a higher risk
  • higher diet in sugar also puts children at risk
Modeling proper tooth care is key!

  • brush teeth with children after each meal
  • eat balanced diet, not high in sugar
  • encourage parents to take children to check ups


  • characterized by excess body fat
  • affects 25% of school age children
Obesity may affect a child's emotional health.

  • obese children are often teased
  • may have fewer friends
  • last to be selected for activities
    -may lack self-esteem
Tendency to be overweight may be inherited

  • environment is a contributing factor (overeating family members)
Eating habits may be affected by:
  • abuse, death, alcoholism, or divorce
Physical inactivity is also a cause.

  • may watch more television
Children who are obese may become obese adults.

  • parents should encourage exercise
  • healthy eating should be encouraged