SUHSD Curriculum, Instruction & Professional Development

2014-15 is a new year in the Sweetwater Union High School District!

Positive change will result from embracing challenges on behalf of diverse students in our district.

Curriculum Specialist Cohort Workshops

Site Curriculum Specialists (English/Language Arts, math, science, and history/social sciences) attend Cohort Workshops at the PDC.
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Professional Development Workshops by Zone

All teachers of a given discipline (English/Language Arts, math, science, history/social sciences) from three schools in a "zone" attend all-day workshops. The zone workshops are co-facilitated by site curriculum specialists, supported by district curriculum specialists.

Fundamentals and English/Language Development teachers will participate in Zone workshops.

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Note: Locations are subject to change and participants will be notified by school site leaders. The First Quarter ELA Zone 2A workshop has been rescheduled for Monday, 8/11/14.
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Creating a Professional Learning Community at Work: Foundational Concepts and Practices

All core content-area written curriculum resources are available via Canvas and Google Drive!

Self-enroll in the Curriculum & Professional Development Canvas course to access all SUHSD documents!

Learn more about Common Core, Next Generation Science Standards, and national/state/county resources available to support their implementation.

SUHSD Curriculum, Instruction and Professional Development

Roman Del Rosario, Executive Director of Curriculum & Instruction

Katrine Czajkowski, Lead Content Specialist

Daniel Cohen & Mimi Williams, Math Content Specialists

Gina Vattuone & Rhea Faeldonea-Walker, ELA Content Specialists

Ana Garcia & Melanie Brown, Science Content Specialists

Kelly Leon & Olga Loya-Estrada, History/Social Science Content Specialists