The MYP design cycle

By: Thomas LoFrisco

What is the design cycle?

The IB design cycle is a tool used by International Baccalaureate students to help them create and evaluate solutions in response to challenges.

The four parts to the design cycle


This is the fourth step to the design cycle. This is where you will be reflecting on the success of the solution. You will find places where it can be improved make the changes needed. Even though this is the fourth step, you are not done. The design cycle is a circle which symbolizes that it goes on forever because you can always improve anything and everything.

Real life situations

For example you are creating a recipe for chocolate chip cookies. The first thing you would have to do is look at several existing recipes and compare them. You need to find out how long they have to be in the oven, what size to make each one, how much of each ingredient, and how to make them. The second part is where you create several unique recipes of your own. You then make one to two cookies per recipe. For the last part of this stage you need to pick the best 3 recipes. The third step is where you pick your favorite edible cookie. You will then make a batch of these cookies. In the fourth step you will reflect on how successful the cookies were and improve them by starting all over again.
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