Give me freedom or give me death!

Escape Route

Dear Fellow Human Being,

If you are reading this, then you have just successfully achieved your goal in finding freedom. This map is just an ordinary map. This is a step-by-step instruction on how to get to Canada from North Carolina along with a list of everything and everyone you might encounter along your journey to freedom. Now this map does not guarantee that everything will go smoothly as planned or safety but it will help you to get to where you want to go in an easier manner. Take everything under careful consideration because once you choose to accept, then there is no turning back. It's up to you, so how bad do you want your freedom?

Let's being:

1. If you are planning to runaway, it's best to escape at night when your master is asleep. If your slave owner or overseer or even a cabin member finds you up, then just respond by saying that you need to use the bathroom. Stay calm and locate the nearest exist.

2. Once you have escaped your home, locate the North Star (it is the brightest star in the sky and is located between the big and small dipper) and start running run towards it. Since this star faces north, it will be your best guide to getting you to Canada.

3. Now there are several main rivers that can be used as guides along the "black belt" to the North but the Ohio River is the best one for this journey since it takes you to Canada.

4. It's best to run into the woods for safety. It provides more coverage even though it can be difficult to determine where you are going. If you run on the streets, someone will spot you and they will turn you in since you will be considered a runaway slave.

5. WARNING: You may encounter hunting dogs, so be alert. If you hear a barking sound, get to the nearest body of water and wash yourself. Once you are done, rub your skin with dirt and leaves to help mask the smell of you. This may sound ridiculous but it's better than nothing.

6. The woods can only do so much! You need to keep an eye out for either William Still or Levi Coffin because they will help you escape the South a lot quicker through the underground railroad.

7. Now once you get to Virginia, find a church near South-Hampton Country and there you will find Nat Turner. He will provide shelter and some helpful tips for your mission. You will then continue in the woods until you reach Ripley, Ohio.

8. At this point you may be getting tired but keep running and moving because you never know who or what maybe behind you. Don't stop unless you absolutely have to or else you will risk the chances of getting caught. Getting caught will result in severe flogging and your journey will no longer exist.

9. A hint to determine whether you are close to the river or not is by locating a big, tall tree split in three. Once you find this one and only tree, you will be but a few miles from destination.

10. There aren't many "darkies" up North just because it's hard to gain freedom but there are a few people who are known for stopping "peculiar institution" and helping men and woman like you gain what they rightfully deserve.

11. Once in Ohio, search for a house with a candle in its window. This is a signal that lets you know whether it is safe or not to cross the river. You can stay with John Rankin for the night and get your sleep because you will have a long day tomorrow.

12. Rise and shine, it's time to start again. Crossing the river isn't easy and it takes a while but don't fret because you are almost to the end.

13. Welcome, you have made it to the other side of the river into Canton, Ohio. You need to find someone willing to take you to Canada as your last step. Be careful because not everyone is willing to help. I would suggest a free black person or a white man whose kind enough to accompany you on your travels.

14. CONGRATULATIONS!!! YOU ARE IN CANADA! You are now free to live a life like you always wanted. It's a dream come true and i wish you the best of luck.

Sincerely Yours,

Denmark Vesey