Franke Updates

Mrs. Franke's Class - Room 15


I cannot believe it is May already!!! We have so much to do before the end of the year and time keeps flying by! It was so nice to see a lot of you at conferences. Remember, if you did not have a conference with me and want to meet, feel free to contact me to set something up! Miss Barker (our student teacher from Concordia University) has been with our class since April and we are so happy to have her! If you wanted to contact her with any questions, please do: Parkview is a great place for everyone to learn and grow!


Reader's Workshop

We have finished our mini-lessons on propaganda. The students had a fun time dissecting different advertisements, looking for the different techniques. Next week we will be starting another round of book clubs, this time the students will be reading books about civil rights or with a struggling protagonist. The students will be challenged to show their deeper level thinking through their conversations using think-marks in their books.

Writer's Workshop

The students are hard at work on their research papers. Please keep in mind the timeline for these projects, most of the work will be done at school, but please check in with your child.


Over the past couple of weeks the students have been reviewing different math concepts that were taught throughout the year. The students have been switching classes and reviewing different concepts in each 5th grade teacher's room. This model has been helpful in getting the students acclimated to different teachers, being organized, and being responsible for what they need. Once the review is done, we will continue working on graphing and data.

Social Studies

The students have finished researching their branch of government. They made movenote presentations to teach the rest of their group about their branch. On Friday, the students will have a quiz on the 3 branches of government. To view your child's presentation find their link here!


Next week we will start our roller coaster physics unit. The students will be watching videos and reading at home to help them prepare for the next day's activities. We do a lot of fun experiments during this unit, and in the end all students will create their own working marble roller coaster!


MAPS Testing

We will take the MAPS Reading Assessment this Thursday (5/7) at 12:45 and the MAPS Math Assessment next Thursday (5/14) at 12:45. We are then DONE with our assessments for the year. Thank you for moving appointments and making sure your child was prepared for the Badger Exam. The students are doing a wonderful job!


We are running low on sticky-notes and the students will need them for their book club work. Please send some in with your child if you have some available.

Opportunity Day

On May 15th the students will participate in Parkview's Opportunity Day. If your child signed up to rock-climb, please make sure their permission slip is turned in.