By: Sebastian Carlin


The tundra is located near the North Pole. This biome covers a fith of the worlds surface. There is another region of this biome and it is called alpine tundra and it is located on top of extremely cold mountains. One characteristic is the soils permafrost. Which is a frozen layer of ground. But I the summer small plants might be able to grow.


The tundra gets about ten inches of rain each year the weather as you know is usually about thirty tow degrees and during the winter the tempature can go to as low as negative sixty degrees fahrenheit. The tundras climate is a little desert like because of the dry winds and little water.

Biotic factors

Most plants in the tundra are very small because there is not enough time for larger plants like trees to grow so trees do not grow at all, but many plants like flowers do. The animals do not stay in the tundra. They are a lot like the plants because they aren't there during the winter but they are there longer than the plants are. A few types of animals Latham live here are polar bears, ox, caribou,, musk, and falcons. A few plants are lichen, moss, shrubbies, and flowers


The tundra doesn't really have any bodies of water besides during the summer because the summer is the only time that there is water because all of the ice melts which make large puddles. The tundra also has several mountains in most parts of this biome. There a no canyons in this biome because it is so cold here there is no way one could actually form.


This might surprise you but the tundra is being populated by humans right now in fact humans are starting to build roads in the tundra. But why would anybody ever want to live here well I will tell you. People have started moving to the tundra for its oil and mining and the the permafrost is being damaged and humans have effected most of the animals that live here. Like birds usually came here because tons of insects came to the tundra during the summer and birds came to eat them but now humans are killing all of the insects which is thebirds food

Animal information

The polar bear Is the largest carnivore on land and its fur is not actually white it is clear but it does not look that way because of the sun. The sun's rays usually reach the polar bears black skin and the polar bear absorbs the heat which keeps it warm. Another animal is the caribou which live in the article tundra these animals are also known as reindeer. A neat thing is that they are really god swimmers. On more animal is the artic fox makes its home in small burrows even though they are hunters they usually follow a polar bear and eat the remains of the animal the polar bear ate.

Plant information

The bearberry is a low growing evergreen its stem is only a little over two feet and it doesn't have much bark. It is also covered in silky hairs and the bearberry gets its name because bears like to feast on these. Another plant is caribou moss which is made of alge and fungi and it has lichen to protect the fungi. The last plant I am going to talk about is the pasque flower is a plant in the tundra that has yellow stamens located in the center of the flower below this is a leaf covered in silky hairs the fruit of the plant is a plum which is acheinical.

Abiotic factors

There is not many abiotic factors besides the ice, water, snow, air and things like that. But there is not really any water at all until summer. So during the winter the only abiotic factors are the ice, snow, air, wind, and other things but there is a lot more of abiotic factors during the summer than there is in the winter