The Photography Teacher's Handbook

The Essential Handbook for All Photo Educators

Who is this book for?

This handbook is written for current & future photography educators who are interested in innovative teaching strategies that can help engage students both in and outside the classroom. This book is a collection of ready to use, hands-on tools presented to inspire and empower pre-career graduate students or beginning photography instructors. It’s also for veteran instructors who would like to revitalize their teaching approach. It is for anyone who is motivated to better connect with the learning styles of contemporary photography students.

No matter where you are in your career, you will find this book to be filled with possibilities. Think of the methods presented in the book as additional tools for your teaching process. Each tool can easily be tailored to the specific needs of your classroom. I invite you to try out your favorite techniques, to integrate them into your unique curriculum. You may even be inspired to create additional innovative ideas tailored to your teaching style.

The evolution of every photo curriculum is driven by the desire to increase student achievement. We want our students to be knowledgeable, successful, well-rounded photographers. They should become technologically confident, aware of their growing individual styles, and flexible enough to adapt to a variety of photographic subjects. We also want our students to develop critical thinking skills.

The Photography Teacher's Handbook is designed to enhance teaching and learning by bringing more engagement, energy, excitement, and challenges into every part photo educational experience!

About the Author

Garin Horner has been teaching photography for over 25 years with experience in secondary, college, and university level courses. He has many times been a featured conference presenter on the topic of Effective Teaching for the Society for Photographic Education, the Great Lakes Conference on Teaching & Learning, and the Conference for the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning. Horner is a Faculty Trainer for the Adrian College Center for Effective Teaching. He is also an Assistant Professor of Photography and the Chair for the Department of Art & Design at Adrian College, in Adrian, Michigan.