Welcome to Hagatna Guam

It's a great place to visit come and look


Does walking on a beautiful island sound good to you ? If you want to visit Hagatna Guam . " Hag-got-na '' "Gu-am" .


The weather in Hagatna Guam is aways above 70 . Also most people just call it Guam . So in Guam is 15 hours ahead. It hilly there with lots of palm tree. People like to go swimming and fishing . Their language is English and chamorro . Guam usded to be called chamorro that how they got their language .


Hagatna Guam is 13,4833 N , 144,7500 E that is the absolute location . Some relative location is ... On the otherside of the pacific ocean . East of Australia .Also east of New Zealand .


So it is controlled by USA military primarily . With the air force base .Territory of USA .

Fun fact

population is 1,051 . In Guam alone their is 154,358 population . Area code is 671 . Hagatna mean " hoge" for blood . There is only one airport . Based on solar time . There is the Japanese world war II museum .