Jaguar Jargon

2016-2017, 8th Edition

Focus Links

These sheets have some awesome tips for teachers to remember when approaching Parent-Teacher conferences.

It's that time already?

It seems like not long ago we were feverishly prepping for the first day...and now we are almost through the first 9 weeks! I'm not going to go on and on about much this week, other than to say please check out the links I shared above. Two things to especially pay attention to: start with the positive and the "BE HEARD" strategy. Put yourself in the parent's seat - what would you want to hear? If there is some not-so-great information that needs to be shared, how could someone communicate that to you in a way that would be supportive? With that, also remember: You are the teacher of your classroom, the "captain" of your ship. Go forward confidently, for you are the expert, the professional in that room.
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This is what it's all about!

Kindergarten and 4th Grade collaborating in music...great job!


Motivational Monday, October 17th
  • Rhoades out - IPA Conference
  • Mrs. Hayden's class sings SSB during announcements
  • X Marks the Spot

Teamwork Tuesday, October 18th

  • Rhoades out - IPA Conference

Wellness Wednesday, October 19th

  • BOE Meeting, 6:00 p.m., Elementary Presents

Thinking Thursday, October 20th

  • Impedence Screenings
  • End 1st Quarter
  • P/T Conferences, 5-8

Fantastic High-Five Friday, October 20th

  • No School
  • P/T Conferences, 8-12


  • Sunday, October 30th - Spooky Bus! Meet at BPCE at 4:30
  • Halloween Parties: Monday, October 31st, 1:30; Parade 2:45
  • Friday, November 4th: Data Friday
  • Tuesday, November 8th: Mock Elections
  • Thursday, November 17th: First Family Night/Project Success Spaghetti Dinner


  • J-Bucks should not be given in any "automatic" situations, i.e. for a planner being signed every day, turning in homework every day, etc.
  • Please be sure we are still actively monitoring students using the restrooms (as in, standing near outside)
  • If you send a student to the nurse, use the forms Kristie made
  • "Capture the Flag" is going well! Don't forget to also nominate individual students for "Paw-some" recognition!
  • Project Success will be providing a meal on Thursday night and donuts on Friday morning. Yay to food!
  • If you have any conferences you would like me to attend, let me know.
  • I will put out a quarterly newsletter that will have Halloween party information for parents.
  • Parent Helper Lists will be sent out in the next day or so.
  • I will be at the Illinois Principal Association (IPA) Annual Fall Conference in Springfield Sunday-Tuesday. I will keep in touch through email and text.

Parting Shot

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