Nutritional Statistics

Why are so many people between the ages of 19-50 overweight?

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Post Secondary Students:

- on own and free to eat whatever

- stress = less working out, more eating

- "Freshman 15"- typically 3-10 lbs in first year

- easier to buy (processed/ fast) foods while away; not home cooked nutritious meals

- lack of sleep; not letting body recharge

- excessive/daily drinking (alcohol)

- can not afford to always buy foods/ gym membership

Working Class:

- not walking/biking to work

- more convenient to go out for lunch (processed/ fast foods)

- post pregnancy weight

- excessive/daily drinking (alcohol)

- stress= less working out, more eating

Obesity can also be hereditary or influenced by the environment/upbringing.

Certain medications can also influence the weight being gained.

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