What's Happening On TUMBLEBUS in August?

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This month Teddy and his friend Ted the TUMBLEBUS will be having a birthday bash extravaganza! They will celebrate Teddy's first full year of adventure! His friends are all welcome to join in on the fun with singing, dancing, and “birthday cake smashing”! We are not only celebrating Teddy's birthday though, we are also celebrating the "Back to School" season, and all of our new TUMBLEBUS friends that will be enrolling for the new school year!


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We're cranking up for another school year! As this year gets rolling again, gift your little one with a back to school package he or she would LOVE. As we promote music, movement, and literacy each day on the bus, we also want students extending their exposure beyond the bus! If your child LOVES TUMBLEBUS they will absolutely love a TUMBLEBUS shirt, TUMBLEBUS TIME Book, and Taylor Dee's Move N' Learn Cd! Purchase all 3 for ONLY $25, if you purchase by August 31! Learning can be fun, and you can help us promote this to our early learners by helping to extend their TUMBLEBUS experiences!

Simply state: I am interested in purchasing the "BACK TO SCHOOL PACK" for my child !


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It's that time again! We are currently conducting open enrollment for new TUMBLEBUS friends! Do you know anyone that has a child that may be interested? Tell a new parent to mention your name upon enrolling their child,and you receive 50% OFF your child's tuition for the following month! We can't wait to expose all of the cool things we have in store for your kids this upcoming school year!
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Watch Our Instagram Story daily for live updates during each class and experience!


Check out the TUMBLEBUS South Charlotte Instagram, Facebook and Website by clicking the red buttons below. Follow our Instagram and Facebook pages if you haven't already! We update our Instagram story daily for live action during each class and experience! Follow the pages and screen shot one of the pictures to prove that you followed the page. Share it on your timeline with this caption: "My child loves TUMBLEBUS South Charlotte! Follow them to learn more about all of their services for kids!" Screenshot your post, send an email to tumblebussouthclt@gmail.com, then receive $5 off next month's tuition! It only takes a minute! Thanks for helping us to reach more kids and positively impact more lives!

Don't Forget About Our "Off Bus" or BEYOND FIT Class Options for older children and even adults too! We'll Come to You!

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What Skills are We Learning this Month?

Here are a few skills we'll be covering this month!
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It is the goal of TEAM TUMBLEBUS to provide the BEST extracurricular programming, events, and parties for children in a manner that exemplifies a high standard of excellence. Please take 1-2 minutes of your time to complete this quick 11 question survey to let us know how we're doing.
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Looking for a fun and unique birthday party for your child?

Let our experienced staff show your birthday boy or girl and their guests how to have a good time rain or shine! No mess and no effort on the parents or family. We'll just pull up and host the party on the bus for kids 3-7 and off the bus for kids beyond 7. Check out our package by clicking here and feel free to provide your special requests so that your child's party can be a customized experience they will love. To put the "icing on the cake" our existing TUMBLEBUS kids get 10% OFF the standard party price! Book Your Party today.

Teddy Parent Tip of the Month

Teddy Shares on:

How to Discipline Effectively:

Don't delay discipline.

If you must reprimand your child, do so when you see him/her misbehaving. The "wait until we get home" strategy is not the best approach because typically by the time you're home, your child has forgotten the incident. Similarly, canceling Saturday's "special trip" because of Tuesday's tantrum won't prevent future outbursts; it will just feel like random, undeserved punishment to your child.

(Lamb, 2018).

Thank You Ms. Brooke!

This month our wonderful intern, Ms. Brooke, will be transitioning to her full time position at a Diving Center in Charlotte! We will truly miss Ms. Brooke, but we greatly appreciate all that she has contributed to TEAM TUMBLEBUS this summer!
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Inspirational Quote of the Month

"Be FEARLESS in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire!"

Thanks for allowing your child to be a part of TUMBLEBUS South Charlotte!

If you ever have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.