Written and Illustrated by Jessica Trigilio

Jupiter the Biggest Planet

Did you know that Jupiter stands out because of its size? Jupiter is bigger than all of the planets combined. It is so big that it could fit about 1,300 Earths inside it. It’s also the fifth planet from the sun. It also have whirling gases that create some of Jupiter. Those gases also create some of Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.

Jupiter's Surface

Did you know that Jupiter has many different colors? There are zones of color. The zones have swirls of blue, orange, rust, yellow, light brown, and white. There is also a great red spot on Jupiter that is about 15,500 miles across so that is about the size of two Earths. The great red spot whirls at the speed of 250 miles per hour. Scientists think that Jupiter’s land is a liquid. Jupiter’s core may be as hot as 35,500 degrees and that is what may create strong winds to push up Jupiter’s clouds.

Jupiter’s Moons

Did you know that Jupiter has 16 known moons? Some scientists think that there might be some more moons. Out of all Jupiter’s moons,

one stands out. That moon is called Ganymede. It is the biggest moon in the solar system! Ganymede is bigger than Mercury!

Crashing Comet

Did you know that Jupiter got hit by a comet in 1994? The comet was named Shoemaker-Levy 9. The comet broke into at least twenty huge pieces and crashed into Jupiter. If you look at Jupiter and see brown spots, those are from the comet.

Jupiter’s Rings

Did you know that Jupiter may have rings? Voyager 1 found thin rings made of particles of dust and rocky materials around Jupiter. There are only three other planets with rings. They are Saturn, Neptune, and Uranus

Jupiter is similar to other planets. But Jupiter’s surface is still a mystery.

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