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I am a Twitter nut, simply because of the ongoing professional learning that is available. The immediacy of this is unique. The more I tweet the more I realise that is so much to learn about schools and change. I am also a blogger, but only in the sense of a funnel for my peers around the globe and their wonderful ideas, perspectives and initiatives. Yet, and I quote - "there is however, something I am finding increasingly troubling and that is the number of blogs, videos, articles, etc, promoting technology in ways that don’t really move learning forward. There is brilliant work happening with technology in education, but some is just not hitting the mark. The notion that simply putting an ipad with an electronic textbook in every student’s hand will transform learning and motivate students is the wrong message." I don’t see this as a particular problem in one particular place but the advocacy for technological change must be well balanced with learning coming first.

I am a huge advocate for technological change BUT there is a problem with how some are viewing technology in education. Simply doing something on a computer does not transform learning and suggesting it does is misleading to the public and to parents.