Carrie Foggon

First Year Student of the University of Notre Dame

Information about Me

Hello, my name is Carrie Foggon, and I am currently studying to be an Early Childhood teacher at the University of Notre Dame in Fremantle.

Name - Carrie Foggon

DOB - 16/07/1994

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Information about my Bachelor of Education

What are you studying?

I am studying a Bachelor of Education at the University of Notre Dame Australia, in Early Childhood and Care 0 - 8 years.

What year you are into your study?

I am currently studying at the University of Notre Dame Australia in Fremantle in my first year of my Bachelor of Education, in Early Childhood and Care 0 – 8 years.

What your subject specialty is and what areas within that?

As I am studying to be a Early Childhood teacher I do not have a subject speciality; however I have the opportunity to instead of gaining an accreditation in religious education to explore other aspects of education and I am interested in possibly looking into children’s psychology and the use of drama to aid children’s development, as well as special needs education.

What are your career goals?

I hope to work in smaller schools, and potentially working rurally for a period of time after graduation. I am also looking into hopefully going abroad over a semester break to do some community work in potentially third world countries, I have also enquried about working with some charities overseas working and teaching young children.

With these experiences I hope to be an inspiring teacher that encourages my students to explore the world and other cultures and to develop their love for learning as many of my teachers did for me.

My Schooling

Did you come straight from school or what did you do before this degree?

After graduating high-school from Canning Vale College I completed the Foundation Year course at the University of Notre Dame. The Foundation Year course at Notre Dame prepares students for the expectations of university and is advertised for students that did not complete TEE subjects. Once students have completed this year long course successfully they are admitted into the University.

What schools did you go to?

I completed high school at Canning Vale College from year 8 – 12. I went to two different primary schools the first was Huntingdale Primary School from pre-primary year 3. I then went to Campbell Primary School from years 4 – 7.

Co-curricular activities

What are your co-curricular activities how they may benefit the school?

I thoroughly enjoy drama and I enjoy the use of drama in education. I took part in several drama programs throughout my primary and secondary schooling and outside of school, I enrolled in the Helen o'Grady drama program and learnt the importance of expressing oneself and I believe that I can bring these skills to an early childhood class to ensure that young children also have the ability to express themelves.

Contact Information

Contact details

Thank-you for reading this flyer. If you would like to get in contact with me please feel free to email me at