Library Recap

1st nine weeks

Library reports

I usually like to send my principal a library report to let you know what has been happening in the library each grading period. I've never been on a secondary campus, I've never been in a school that has 9 week grading periods.

I didn't get my report done the way I would have liked but here is. I will do something different in the future but I will still keep you informed of what is happening in the library.

What has been taught?

I have seen ELA classes twice this year and I'm seeing Social Studies classes for the second time now. During the ELA times, in addition to telling students about the 2 reading initiatives students completed a QR scavenger hunt in the library. I also taught how to use Destiny to search for books, put holds on books and submit a review.

1311 titles are gone!

1311 titles are gone!

I have weeded 406 titles, and deleted 905 titles. Many of the deleted titles had been marked as lost 2 or more years ago.

What's Next?

I would like to teach teachers and students how to use the databases, they are expensive so they need to be used! After looking at the usage I know that they were not used last year, so I doubt that the teachers know very much about them.