2100: Extreme Weather Events

by: Hailey & Edel

Worst Case Scenario

  • Precipitation intensity will increase. (1)
  • Wind and precipitation in tropical storms will increase. (1)
  • Less snow, more rain. (1)
  • Atlantic hurricanes will have increased wind and rain intensity. (1)
  1. 1.8 degree temperature increase = 6-18% rainfall and 1-8% wind speed increase. (1)
  • Heat waves will happen ten times more often and their temperatures will rise. (4)
  • Average temperature could increase by 8.8 degrees. (3)
  • Huge floods will happen every eight years instead of every 100 years. (3)

Best Case Scenario

  1. (2) Climate change due to greenhouse gas emissions turns out to be 1.1- 2 degrees C.
  2. (5) Sea Level with rise only 0.18- 0.38 m.
  3. (5) Sea ice is projected to shrink in both the Arctic and Antarctic in all scenarios.
  4. (5) Acidification of the oceans will only be 0.14 pH units.

Best and Worse Case Scenario Pictures

People BEWARE!

Acidification or Not?

(5) Ocean acidification is the decrease of the pH in the Earth's ocean. This first wasn't mentioned as a threat but now is acknowledged as a serious problem. Scientists say acidification is the "equally evil twin" to global warming.