Unit 8: Mult. Tables of 2, 5, & 10

CPC: January 25, 2018


Share how students are doing with multiplication and division..What have been the aha moments? challenges? etc...

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Happy 100th Day of School!! February 14-after Unit 8 test (Mult. 2,5,& 10)

You have the 100th day activities I gave you that our students could do in place of EDC and Daily Review.

2nd Grade Math D.C.A. #2 is Thursday, May 3rd (2 hours)

Six units before D.C.A. #2

Graphs is after DCA#2 refer to birthday graph in EDC and we will add to Daily Review in April.

Technology Competencies checklist

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You can make an Explain Everything or Chatterpix to share with your students-they can make one on their own or with a partner

Teacher models one for students..


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Build and review the multiplication anchor charts you have from Unit 7 ..here is an interactive real world introduction to multiples of 5.

Have students at the start of the math block write their first name on the template and quickly cut the hand print( or you can have them cut and ready to go to save time) to be used on the anchor chart.

In whole group, have students come up and help build the anchor chart....

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The hand template is in your small group activities folder...

Make the copies you need...
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Continue to refer to the anchor charts and hold students accountable to represent the number sentence using...

  • groups of.... w pictures
  • repeated addition
  • arrays
  • numberlines
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Time for exploration...

Include same as 6x 3 = 10+8 Why?

Focus in small group...students get to see why the order of the factors (how many groups and how many in each group) does not change the total (product)

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You start with the whole..then subtract equal groups...

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Start of Unit: Review what they already know...

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Make sure students understand how multiplication and division are similar and different and ways to represent both:

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Here students will practice how repeated addition is the same as ____x ______=

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Smart Exchange lessons for: Skip Counting 2, 5, and 10

This is for multiplication and division. It uses arrays to help understand multiplication and its relationship to repeated addition, division as fair shares and how it is related to multiplication.


This lesson is designed to have a student count by 2, 5, and 10's. This is for a dual Touch SMART Board. There is an assessment at the end of each lesson before you move on to the next number.


Division as equal sharing:



  • Dot paper and 100's chart to be used for multiples of 2, 5, and 10
  • missing factor multiplication cards-to be used as you and students create a quick simple story to go with the number sentence and represent using equal groups

Questions to ask in small group:

How many groups ?

How many in each group?

What is the total (product)?

Write the repeated addition sentence... multiplication number sentence...

Why doesn't the order of the factors ( groups and how many in each group) change the total (product)? Show me!

"I see 2 equal groups of blue fish swimming in the aquarium. Each group has 4 fish. How many fish are there in all?"

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* note the speaker icon-you can read or play the story in small group for students to solve..

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How many groups of _____ in ________?

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DOT PAPER FOR 2's, 5's and 10's

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smalll Group

  • continue with a story.....use the manipulatives so that you and the students may act out the story...
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Great at the end of the unit review by playing a few rounds in small group that students can continue throughout the school year after they complete their independent practice...
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How are you using the flashcards?

Are the parents aware that second grade is expected to practice fact fluency everyday for 5 minutes?

February Fact Fluency assessment: .... addition to 20.

Dreambox Data Update- new students included-increase/decrease in completing lessons,updating data sheets