Who do you say I am?

The Jesus I see

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Jesus Christ

I see Jesus as our savior, but even if he is the Son of God he stays very human during the most part of His life. And not many people notice this that he actually is God, actually the majority of people see Him as an outcast, and that is not really the case.

Ever since we were little we were told that Jesus is our friend and that we can confide in him with everything, some people may have grown out of that " Jesus is my best friend" phase, but I genuinely believe that Jesus is our friend. I also the think that the disciples also knew that He was their friend, even if they saw Jesus as their teacher.

I learned from the footnotes and commentaries that many people had different perspectives on Jesus and who he was, but Jesus took more into consideration what his disciples thought of him, because they were his friends, and I think that it gave him peace that they genuinely believed that he was the Son of God. Peter’s confession of Jesus as the Messiah reflects the disciples’ hope that Jesus would rid Israel from its enemies. (The Collegeville Bible Commentary, New Testament. Page 885)

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