State Information

Population- 14,650,000

Capital- Quito

Area- 272,045 sq. km

President- Rafael Correa Delgado



Carnaval- A weekend full of parties, dances, and parties. In Febuary or March.

All Souls Day- People visit cemetaries and drink Colada Morada, a thick drink with berries, sweet spices, and purple flour.

Dia de los Muertos- day of the dead, celebrated on Nov. 1st & 2nd.

Places to visit

Galapagos Islands- located 600 miles of coast. Place were Charles Darwin developed his theories of evolution.

The Ecuadorian Rainforest- Home to the loudest monkey (howler monkey) and the smallest monkey (pygmy marmoset).

Common Foods

Breakfast- Coffee, bread, and eggs.

Lunch- Corn and potatoes

Popular snack- Hot bread