From Data to Decisions

Maximizing Achievement By Building Leadership Capacity

Executive Coaching

A yearlong coaching cycle of one-on-one coaching for administrators. Executive Coaching focuses on building a strategic plan to increase student achievement. Visits are as often as needed but are conducted over a one year period.

Focus Areas:

*Strategic Planning

*Using data to inform instruction

*Instructional Leadership

*Identifying best practices in the classroom and leadership

Building Leadership Capacity

Principals can no longer lead a school alone. It takes a village to lead a school. Creating effective, engaging leadership teams within a school is imperative to the success of the school. In this training, specific strategies are provided for creating strong teams –

*Who should be on the team(s) ?

*How are exceptional teams created?

*How do teams function effectively?

*What is the purpose of the team?

On-site follow up coaching is a must in order to achieve sustainability and growth.

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