Martin Luther

Monk, Priest, And Proffeser


Martin Luther was born in 1483. He died In 1546. His parents wanted him to become a lawyer and were sending him to law school. On one afternoon Martin Luther was nearly struck by lightning he felt this was a sign to give up law and become a monk.

He fought the church against its false teachings such as selling of indulgences

Notable work: 95 theses(1517)

Believed you were saved by faith not good deeds

Started first Protestant church

He was excommunicated

  • He was a great priest
  • He was the founder and leader of the Protestant
  • The world now would be much difference In a religion point of view
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  • Luther almost died at age 19. On his way home from school, a dagger pierced his leg, cutting an artery. Only because he was with a friend, who fetched a doctor, was his life saved. Lying at the edge of the road till the doctor came, he cried to the mother of Jesus, “O, Mary, help!” His Wittenberg friends later criticized him for appealing to Mary instead of Jesus
  • After 1521, Luther spent the rest of his life as an outlaw.
  • Luther once said he had not even seen a Bible until he was 20 years old.
  • At birth, Martin Luther’s name was Martin Luder. He later changed it to the more academically respectable Luther.

I have held many things in my hands and I have lost them all ; but whatever I place in Gods hands I still possess

Horrible Histories Martin Luther

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