Light Crew Teens Save Rich Girl

Ship Breaker

Everybody will someday have to make a life or death decision. But whichever decision you chose, you must stick to it no matter what.

"This is a once in a lifetime, Nailer. We play it smart, or we're screwed for life." ~Page 98
"Being crew wasn't worth a scrap of rust with Sloth. Crew don't mean anything except that we're all sweating together on the same ship." ~Page 117

Nailer was faced with the decision to either save Nita, or take her riches and use it to get off of Bright Sands Beach. This was a life or death choice that came down to him. He could of let her die, or he could save her. In the end, he chose to spare her life. It wasn't the choice that his friend Pima wanted, but he felt like this was the right choice and that he would get something out of it in the end when Nita is returned to her family. He believed that the award for saving her would be better than all of the riches they could have taken from the wreck. Nita was so thankful that they saved her, but it came with a cost. In making this decision, the three of them would have to stick together. No matter what happens, they have to be there for each other and they will have to stand as one if they want to survive.

A crew of three live it out together as one.

Nailer or Lucky Boy is the main character of this book. This book takes place on Bright Sands Beach. He works on the light crew, salvaging copper wiring from broken down oil tankers for money. Otherwise known in this book at quota. Nailer's best friend is Pima. She is also part of the light crew. These two stick together through every event in this book. When Nailer and Pima find Nita in the clipper ship, they face the decision of taking her riches or saving her from her watery grave. Pima wants to let her die, but Nailer convinces her to save Nita. For saving Nita, the three of them vow to stay together, as a crew. Wherever Nita goes, Nailer and Pima come too. They start their journey together. Throughout this book, the three live it out as a crew. Nothing can tear them apart. And now, they have to do their best to float back to the top and get to the land they've been dreaming of.

Pablo Bacigalupi

Pablo Bacigalupi is an author who's genres are fantasy and science fiction. He was born in Paonia Colorado on August 6, 1972. He is an award winning author. His book, Ship Breaker, has one the 2011 Michael L. Printz Award and the Locus Award for Best Young Adult Book. Other books that Pablo has written are The Windup Girl and The Drowned Cities.