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Volume 1, Number 2, January 22, 2015

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Even when we have good motivation to continuously improve our practice, we often stick with what we know. So, what holds us back? Well, many things--time, uncertainty, comfort, satisfaction with the status quo, fatigue, competing demands on our schedules, and fear--just for the short list. As you look towards areas of your teaching and learning activities that you might change, I encourage you to look past the "what ifs" that threaten to curtail your creativity and stifle your enthusiasm to try something new. I came across the image below from Tracy Clark during a presentation at the TIES conference. It names the fears that stop us from moving forward with a new idea. Many of the negative thoughts that cause us to question our efficacy are unreasonable. What would happen if we turned our worst-case scenario thinking to best-case scenario thinking?
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When creativity and an "Aha!" moment strike, don't let fear hold you back!!!

Just because we can always use a pep talk from Kid President:
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