Life of the Turtle

Ten facts

  • Length/300 to 400 mm
  • Color/black and yellow
  • Big/about 6 in tall
  • Armord/sheltered very thick armor
  • They are close to extinction
  • Its shell is as hard as a rock but still vulnerable to humans and animals
  • There claws are sharp about 1 inch long
  • It lets out a deadly odor when frightened
  • They get moved from there home and a lot of times they get dehydrated
  • Weighs about 30 pounds
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I came across a Turtle

On the way to school

His shell was very black

And his head was to

I hid him in my back pack

So that teacher would not see

He stayed there very quietly

Until frightened by a phone that made the teacher scream

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The life of the Turtle is difficult it has to move about every day and it gets poached a lot because of its skin for shoes and the meat of the Turtle.It is said that it tastes good so a lot of people kill Turtles for a good price so they get good payment about $100 dollars just for the skin and people are selfish and put them in captivity and use them for entertanment and get good money for it and others are smart and help them repopulate there family and then let them free and that's the life of a Turtle!

Baby Turtles

Baby turtles are cute they have a hard time not knowing anything at all.Right now baby Turtles die in a matter of one to two days after hatched!