Red Bellied Black Snake

Sarah 3D

Red bellied black snakes are native Australia reptiles.

The scientific name for a red bellied black snake is Pseudechis Porphyriacus.

Red bellied black snakes are 1.5 meters in length. It is shiny black on top with some brown markings around the snout. Lower sides are bright orange to red rarely white fading to a duller color on the belly.

Red bellied black snakes live near swamps, ponds, creeks, river-banks and lagoons. Red bellied black snakes need food and a habitat.

It reproduces by giving birth to live young. Predators and dangers are cane toads, cars, some birds like kookaburras, feral cats and dingoes. They are not hostile and are good swimmers. They have lost their habitats to introduced species because of cars, cats, cane toads and kookaburras.

Red bellied black snakes are often in Sydney backyards so watch out.

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