Leroy Sutton And Dartanyon Crockett

Their Powerful Story

Growing Up

Leroy Sutton didn't have it easy when he was younger he had to walk to school, and the only way to get to school from is house was going through the train tracks. One day on he way to school he slipped and his backpack got stuck on a train and his legs got crushed. Dartanyon has a different story his mom died when he was eight, and his father had problems with drugs along with that he didn't have a home and was legally blind.

When they met

Leroy and Dartanyon met when they were at a wrestling practice, and became best friends instantly. Whenever you would see one you would see the other right by their side. They did everything together even when the graduated.

About them

In the End

In the end they both have each other to have their back when they need it. Leroy Sutton and Dartanyon Crockett will always be remember as the two guys who never gave up even when you were at your worst.