German Diaz

Teacher's Assistant

Personal Statement

When I think about my personality, four adjectives come to mind: artistic, delightful, civil, and responsible. I speak two languages fluently: Spanish and English. I am adopted, but my mom speaks Spanish, and my aunt and uncle, who I currently live with, also speak Spanish.

I am passionate about photography. Photography became a big part of my life. I started getting interested in to photography when I was 12. I think I take great pictures. I started with a small digital camera, and it had great quality. My dad saw that I really liked photography, and he started to get me better cameras. Now I have a professional camera, a Canon Rebel 4TI.

I am great with technology and have been using it since third grade. I have improved significantly and learned how to use new software: Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Publisher. So, if you're stuck on something and having problems, ask me! I can help!

I also have practiced great responsibility with kids. I was a safety patrol in elementary school. I had to walk the kindergardeners to class every morning. I also take care of my cousin and nephew. When I was younger, my mom used to take care of other kids and I used to help her. If they were big kids, I would help them with their homework or help them study.

Work Experience journal

1/10/2014 - I began writing my personal statement using S'more.

1/13/14 - Today we are not in the library, we are back in the class room, and we are still working on our personal statement, which i actually kinda like to do.

1/15/14 - Today we are back in the library and we have some English teachers with us so they can help us with our personal statement. It was very helpful for the teachers coming in helping us, they made our personal statement better and made it look professional. we also looked at some life quotes and put it in you s'more.

1/17/14 - Today we are still working on our s'more, we added contact information, and we are also working on our resume. We put a citation for our picture we used of our life quote. If we got it from a web site and because i put pictures that i toke my self i didn't have to cite it and i just gave my self credit.

1/21- 24/14 SNOW DAY!

1/27/14 - Student holiday

1/28/14 - so we are working

1/31/14 - Today someone from capital one came in and helped use prepare for a interview and we had a mock interview and she gave us some tips on how we can improve.

2/3/14 - Today we got back the paper from the worker from Capital One and she gave everyone some tips on how to improve and she told some people to work on our handshake and to other people she said that they did good.

2/5/14 - Today we are working on practicing out personal statement, and the reason why we need to remember our personal statement is because we are going to record our self.

2/12/14 - Today we recorded my personal statement and we did it with a green screen, i recorded with Cinthia and i recorded her. i learned that if i smiled it makes you more relaxed and more confident. We also wrote down our grades for our first and second semester to see if we are able to work.

2/19/14 - Today we found out who we are going to work for. We will maybe be working for one teacher but it depends what teacher you have, some teachers might not have enough work you.We also found out that we are going to start to work on Friday. Mr.Timok told us that he wants us guys to dress like dresses, khakis, belt and a dress shirt (tucked in) and girls can wear jeans but no holes and they can wear skirts and or dresses but they have to be with the dress code and if they wear jeans, they had to wear a blouse. Mr.Timok told use that if we wear a t shirt or anything that he old us not to, we will get points off, so instead of getting a 100 they would get a 90.

2/24/14 - On Friday we started to work. What i did for Mrs. Shimko was grade papers and out it in the grade book and put it in the computer. Something new i learned is how to grade papers and how to out it in the grade book and the computer.

2/26/14 - Today was our second day of work! Today i made copies and i learned alot! i learned how to use the copier and i learned how to put the paper in and how to make it double sided and how to make copies! making copies is what i like to do the most. After i had to sort all different assigments for each block.

3/5/14 -

3/7/14 -

3/12/14 -

3/14/14 - Today i had to make so many copies, i had to make 50 copies of everything she needed. The copier got jammed and i got Ms. Jones and she unjammed it. After i did everything she wanted me to do, Ms shimko said that i could go and help a friend because we had 5 or 10 min more. After i went to make copies with kauana and Ben jammed the copier and I thought I could fix it and I tried and ... I kinda broke it.

3/19/14 - Today we came inand Mr. Timok wasn't so happy 0___0 He talked to us that we need to dress every day because no had dressed for a entire week. After he gave everyone their badges i went in the closet and got changed and then when i came out i told him that it was me that "broke" the printer and he told me that its 600$ for them to come down and just to check and that next time it jams to get a teacher to fix it. I went to Ms. Shimko and i felt bad but i after just did my work and went on with the day.

3/21/14 - So today my teacher was out of town. Mr. Timok talked to Ms. Hampton, and she said i could work for her. At the beginning of class we had a fire drill, and then after the fire drill i went with my friend yocelinee and Ms. Hampton and we went to the track and walked two laps because Ms. Hampton said that when you get fresh air you work better. After we walked we went back in and then we went to class and got our badges and then we went to Ms. Hampton class and i cleaned the board and wrote down everthing i had to and graded papers with yocelinee and she gave us gum and told us stories.

3/26/14 -

3/28/14 -

4/2/14 -

4/4/14 - Today I had tutor and she let me leave early so i could work. I had to make a display

4/28/14 - Today i wasn't supposed to work but i worked for Ms.Burbic. Ms.Burbic gave me a lot of SOL packets to make, I did everything and after i did the last SOL packet i messed up and got confused.

4/30/14 - Today I just did what i do everyday, i made copies, My work doesn't change.

5/1/14 - Today I made copies and i also had to change the calender. I also had to make a PowerPiont with all these Sol practice.

5/7/14 -

5/9/14 - Today Ms.Shimko wasn't here so i work with Yocelinee for Mrs.Hampton. Yocelinee and I went to the copy room and split the work and made copies. After we were done making copies we went make to Mrs.Hamptons class room and put up the chairs up and we also graded some papers. After we were just sittin g ther an dwe asked if we could go to Mrs.Mallon and we sorted some paper.

5/13/14 - Today i made copies

5/15/14 -

5/20/14 - Today im gonna write about track because i don't wanna talk about the same thing over and over. at track i had to throw shotput, i learned a new way, thanks to Terrae i now throw farther. At the beginning i used to throw 21 and now that i throw differently i throw 28.

5/27/14 - So today i had to take Ms.Shimok's math books to the schoool store becaus ethat hwere they put all the books. So i had to put all the books on a cart and take them to the end of the stairs. After i put the books at the stairs korry and Mr.simo and I put thye books away.


Contact Information

For more information or schedule in an interview please contact Bruce Timok, EFE Teacher, Byrd Middle School 804-750-2730


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Education: Byrd Middle school 6-8 Skipwith Elementary k-5


  • Rachael's Club
  • Spirit Club
  • Wrestling manager
  • Safety Patrol


  • Photography
  • Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Publisher
  • Active engage
  • S'more
  • Padlet

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