What is Courage?

Anybody's Courage

Courage is something any one can achieve
It can happen so fast if you just believe

Believe in yourself and you'll be suprised
your more brave then you ever realized

Courage is something hidin inside
It makes you stronger than the highest tide

Courage means you can face your fears
That you're not afraid to shed some tears

In life without fear you can never be brave
You can't rescue a princess if there's no one to save

Life is a balance, like dark and light
There can be no wrong if there is no right

Getting courage isn't to hard to do
Look deep inside and you'll find it too

Julio Hernandez

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It Takes Courage

Courage gives us the strength to finish our day

Courage allows you to overcome fears

Courage allows you to speak the truth

It takes courage to be yourself

Courage is something that anyone can achieve.

Drennen Majzun