The Bloody Red Shrimp

Invasive Species

Basic Information

The bloody red shrimp also know as the Hemimysis Anomala, is an invasive species in Ontario. This fish has an ivory yellow or red color. This species is usually 0.25 inches to 0.50 inches long and can live up to nine months. They become adults in only a matter of 45 days. It has stalked eyes, a flat ended tail, and two prominent terminal spines.
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Last Seen

Last Seen

The Bloody Red Shrimp originates in Eastern Europe and Western Asia where it is native. In Ontario it can be found in all of the Great Lakes except for Lake Superior.

First Offence

The Bloody Red Shrimp was first spotted in Ontario in 2006 at Lake Ontario in Pickering and at a canal that connects Lake Michigan to Muskegon

Known Accomplices

This species travelled from the Caspian and Black seas through the ballast water of commercial shipping and arrived in lakes which then drained into the Great Lakes.

Crimes Commited

The bloody red shrimp is causing aquatic damage in the great lakes through eating the food supply of the native fish which inhabit the area. They eat zooplankton which could reduce the population of the species that eat that particular food and could disrupt the natural food chain. The bloody red shrimp could also end up competing with our aquatic life and decrease the population of fish which would in turn, limit our fish supply.

Attempts at Capture

Scientists say that to control the species we should ban the 500 ocean going ships each year from coming in through the St. Lawrence or control the amount of ballast water which is being dumped.


The bloody red shrimp could damage our fishing industry through disrupting the food chain and decreasing the population of our fish. It could impact our tourism by blooming algae across the great lakes. This species would impact us humans by blooming algae in the Great Lakes and making our water less drinkable. It could also damage our food supply by decreasing the population of our fish. If you happen to capture this species we will send you a playstation 4, a Ferrari 458, and 1 million dollars.

Contact Us

If you see this species anywhere in Ontario please contact us at 1-800-420


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