String Things

January 2014

Some mood music while you read...


Grieg Holberg Suite Mash-Up by TF3


LGPE is Upon us!!


Remember that the start of the spring semester means the start of the marathon that is LGPE! I know that we're playing the same 3 pieces everyday; I know it better than anybody because I listen to it 4 periods a day. Please keep in mind that I'm never trying to punish or torture you by playing the same section more than once... I'm simply trying to draw the best music out of you! Let's decide here and now to be patient, kind, and understanding with one another between now and LGPE and all of our lives will be MUCH happier!


Reminders and Policy Updates!

1. As always, YOU MUST HAVE A PENCIL (not a pen) ON YOUR STAND EVERY SINGLE CLASS PERIOD! We are constantly talking about the little things that make music musical, so how can you remember all of them if you don't write them down!?

2. UPDATE: If you forget your instrument at home one day... you MAY NOT borrow a school instrument during class! The school instruemnts have not been treated with the respect that I would like, so they're not a fall-back anymore. If there is some reason you cannot bring your instrument, let me know and we will work out a way for you to borrow a school instrument until the instrument is back. (Just a heads-up: the longest I've EVER seen an instrument be "in the shop" was 4 days and that thing was messed up! It does not take 3 weeks for a shop to fix your violin.)

3. PROM: It's the same weekend as LGPE. I know. Not my choice. I've requested that we not be scheduled for the actual day of prom (March 22). I don't know if the powers that be can make this work or not, so we'll have to see. Know that I'm trying my best to make sure that you don't have to play on the same day as prom. SO let's talk fingernails: if you're planning on getting pretty gel polish on fingernails that are an appropriate length for string playing-- Go crazy. Do it a week before if you want. Awesome! If you're planning on getting acryllic long fingernails put on please please please do them after your group performs at LGPE! The judges will call you, as an individual, out for having long fingernails because you cannot play properly with them! Don't let that happen to you!

4. WASHINGTON DC TRIP PAYMENTS: You should have already made your first 2 deposits (totaling $350 in your student account)! The next payment-- $150 -- is due on or before Monday, February 3, 2014. Just think: most of your money is already paid! YAY!

5. MVHS Concerto Competition: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PARTICIPATE! Those interested in performing as the soloist with the Philharmonic Orchestra at the spring concert must select a movement (preferably a 1st movement) of a standard concerto to perform for a panel of judges on Wednesday, February 19, 2013. Performers will play the entire movement of their choice WITH ACCOMPANIMENT and the winner(s) will be selected by 2 impartial judges from the contestants. The selected performer(s) will perform their movement accompanied by our orchestra at our May 13 concert.


Social Events Taking Place This Semester:

January 17, 2014---------------------------------------------------------------------------------MOVIE NIGHT!!

February 28, 2014-------------------------------------------------------------PLAY-A-THON! (fundraiser!)

March 29, 2014---------------------------------------------------------------------------CAPTURE THE FLAG!

April 2-6-2014------------------------------------------------------------------------WASHINGTON DC TRIP!

April 19, 2014-----------------------------------------MVHS vs. CHHS ORCHESTRA SOFTBALL GAME

May 10, 2014---------------------------------------------2nd ANNUAL FINE ARTS LASER TAG BATTLE

Christmas Eve Sarajevo

Thoughts from Mrs. Betts

I'm so glad to be starting another semester here at "The Greatest High School in America"! We're going to work hard and play hard this semester and I, personally, cannot wait!