Madden mobile how to

How to play madden mobile


Did you know that madden mobile is the 6th best game in the U.S.A. . Football lovers love it and you might pick up you phone and download madden mobile
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Snapping into season

Getting started

What you do in season mode is just like the regular NFL, you can choose you favorite team in the three dots on the top right hand of your device . In season mode you play 15 games including playoffs, in season mode you play 15 games including playoffs if you make it. If you scroll through all the games then it will show you how many wins you need th make it to th playoffs

In a game

In a game the crowd cheers like a bear just stepped Into the crowd wanting the hotdog the person sitting next to him is eating. There are 4 different types of plays run long pass

short pass and special teams.

In the run mode you hand it or toss it to one of you tailbacks. There are many such as a fake, play action, wide receiver reverse , normal run up the middle and toss.

In long pass mode you can do play action pass and a regular pass.

In the short pass you can do play action pass short and a regular short pass.

In special teams you can punt kick off QB Neal and Feild goal

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Latoroling to live events

what kinds of live events are there

live events is one of the main areas in madden mobile. In live events there are many different events like,road to the rings, scrimmage, daily warm up, team of the week, game changers, fuel up to play 60 event,team of the year, team of the month,domination ,game plan, NFL news,coin up challenge and football outsiders.

the challenge and the rewards

in all live events you get coins and get XP ,you sometimes get packs like a game plan pack or daily warm up pack even premium packs and sometimes players. In team of the week you face the best team in the NFL of the week same with team of the month and team of the year. In daily warm up you haft to complete a challenge same with scrimmage. In domination you have to make a comeback in the 4th quarter .

bidding and selling in autions


in auctions you can bid and bidding you can search for a player you want or just browse through all the players. when you bid you have a choice to buy now which will give you the player right away but if you bid you might not win the player.


when you sell you can either get money right away for a small amount of money or post your player for other people to bid on the same way that you bid on people. there is a buy now button where if somebody touches it all the money that was paid comes to you if somebody wins by bidding all the money they spent comes to you. you collect the money in messages but sometimes you player doesn't sell.

live ball in leagues


in leagues you can join friends family and online players. you can face online players to be the best league of all. there are league tournaments where you face another league to have a good record. you can also face your team in the championship game. you can also scout your teams players.

hail mary to head to head

head to head

in head to head you can play against other online players . you take turns on offense and you are never on defense. you have 3 tries to get 3 touchdowns and 3 PAT's but you have to take turns. your is 450 fans if you win coins and XP, if you lose you lose fans but still get XP and coins. there is a time limit that if you don't play against your opponent the match will expire and you will lose fans and the match.



now you know about madden mobile. so if you need help come back for more exiting information about madden NFL mobile.