Mr. Tonagel's Weekly Memo

Weeks of May 16, 23, & 31

Staff Cookout

We hope you will join your colleagues for a picnic on the last staff day. Lunch will be served at 11:30. A special thanks to the Hospitality Committee for this event's organization. The last few years this has been a good way to enjoy some good food and friends and wish our retirees the very best.

Feasbility Study Action Plan Projects

The district is taking the next steps of the Feasibility Study Action Plan. Please familiarize yourself with these exciting changes by visiting the district website to review an update of the building projects. The first phase of the projects include a new middle school to replace Boston, a new Handley Elementary, and a performing arts center at LPHS.

Prom Activities

A special thanks to all the staff volunteers and helpers this prom season. So many people contributed in various ways. We appreciate it all! Thanks to our staff for their support and flexibility with the pre prom safety demo during the school. The message seemed to really make a difference with the students and it demonstrated a strong partnership between the school and community.

QBQ Books

Please return any school QBQ books to the office so that new LPHS teachers have a copy when the new school year starts. QBQ is a must read for our staff so that we use a common approach to solving problems, getting along with others, and to improve our school.

Teacher Creativity Fellowship

Interested in a Lilly Endowment grant? Visit Application postmark deadline is Sept. 1, 2016

Summer Cleaning and Projects

Please be advised that summertime means cleaning and projects that will limit facility use. Several of these will start right away. The summer goes by quick and there are a lot of projects and tasks to complete in a short time. The biggest project is a new video security system. "Videotec" will begin on June 6. Thanks for your understanding and flexibility and please respect any signs in the halls that restrict parts of the building due to cleaning and/or construction.

Bell-to-Bell Day 1 to Day 180

Thanks for your efforts to keep students as engaged as possible through the last bell of the day and school year. There is no doubt it is not easy, but the efforts do pay off. The last days of a school year are challenging. Emotions are high, patience is low, routines and schedules are changing, and much, much more. These examples are all the more reason to keep expectations, structure, and plan meaningful activities instead of lining up at the door waiting for the bell to ring.

Technology Notes from Tech Committee

  • Textbook adoption has been approved which gives the “go ahead” for Gloria to order carts of new computers.

  • Elementary will get 32 new carts which will be distributed based on student population

  • Middle School will get 12 carts per school. With the new cart additions at the middle schools, there would be enough for each student to touch a Chromebook at the same time. The plan for a one-to-one school is being looked at and ideas are being tossed around at how this can be implemented in the middle schools once the wiring is updated."

  • There is a discussion about parents purchasing insurance for those students will be 1-1 as the students will be carrying around their chrome book

  • High School will receive 14 new carts

  • The carts can hold 32 chrome books, Gloria’s order will be for 1600-1700 chrome books

  • Skyward contains a “piece” like Google Classroom that will allow on-line test making and will drop into our gradebook

  • E-rate—we must update our network/infrastructure or it will not handle the new amount of carts.

  • On Friday May 13 a rollover took place where student schedules went from future scheduling, to make active/current year scheduling.

  • June 15-training the trainer’s will take place from 1-4 pm for elementary

  • June 16-training the trainer’s will take place from 1-4 pm for secondary

  • Training for secondary teachers on Skyward Gradebook will be available

  • July 7, 13, 19 8:30-11:30 OR 12:30-3:30

  • Elementary training will be available July 12, 14, 21 at the same times

  • On May 20 Family Access will be set up. ALL students will have an account

  • **No more submitting grades at the end of a grade period, Skyward will Auto Pull the grades--- which means we must keep our grades as current as possible

  • Finance/payroll is not completely ready yet to be able to see all on Skyward.

  • PDC-Skyward-we should be able to see EA Plus and Gradebook, make sure you have the correct version of gradebook (secondary)

  • The new technician that was hired left, so Gloria’s staff is down 1. There will be 2 students hired for the summer to help with getting the carts ready

  • Voice over IP-right now, if your phone is hooked up you can intra call people—go to the directory on your phone and look up the extension, but we are waiting on Frontier for the rest of the use. ALL of us have new extension numbers.

  • BACK UP YOUR FILES! By saving them on the server and not on your desktop.

  • Do not open email attachments from anyone you don’t know. Many are phishing scams that just want to get information. Some of them are viruses.

Commencement 2016

A special thanks to all staff members who are volunteering at graduation on Sunday. Your help is needed and appreciated. Unfortunately we had a low response of attendees so there will not be reserved seating for staff this year.

High Ability Education

A meeting was held this week in the district to discuss the High Ability plan. The group discussed current efforts and ideas for moving ahead with a strategic plan to better meet students' high ability needs. State law requires schools to have a plan to service students who demonstrate gifted abilities. These students perform at or above an outstanding level as compared to their peers. Several LPHS staff attended and I thank them for their time in this important endeavor. Training will be offered in Aug./Sept. that we will try to send a few teachers to.