Making a difference with animals.

So you want to be a zoologist...

Is your interest in animals just yearning to be utilized? Then look no further than zoology. Zoologists do things such as rehabilitating animals, taking care of them in zoos and in the wild, studying them in their natural habitat, as well as in captivity, and so much more. Imagine traveling to Africa and seeing the giraffes roaming around the landscape. Certain zoologists get the chance of a lifetime to travel the world and observe these animals. Others make a huge impact on animals’ lives, whether it’s rehabilitating an injured giraffe, or raising an abandoned giraffe calf. Animals are majestic creatures that deserve to be taken care of, so be a zoologist, and cater to your love of animals.

There are advantages of being a zoologist...

You could get to travel the world, as well as working with and caring for some truly amazing animals.

(Oh, and it's guaranteed you will meet baby animals that will make you smile.)