All about me



I was very emotinal back then for certain reasons. but i got to go to florida and i have lived in Tennessee for a couple years. wwhen i was very young my parents have split up and it was very rough. we always have pets. from dogs to cats, from rats to ferrets, from birds to alligators. i have lost two people to suicide and i am very emotional. my dad isnt very bright hes barely been in my life but i stay strong. anyways i love the bears and my favorite animal is a wolf. i love talking but there is days i never want to talk so iff im not talking dont bug me. i am in a trance and it sucks. i have broken techincally four bones,, three of the same toe and my hand. i play basketball baseball and football. i love to play video games also. i put on asmile (or at least try) each day to keep people happy. im glad iim here. because i might not have been (ask me why if ya want). i dont know what else to say i was born in madison. i want tio be a vet when i grow up. my favorite color is purple. i really like pizza lasangae. i live in marshall Wi. i have 10 brothhers and sisters (some better then the others). Favorite movie space balls or mighty python and the holy grail