Water Help

Helps water scarcity and poor sanitation around the world

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Statistics and information

  • If everybody had universal access to safe water and sanitation, it would save 2.5 million lives every year.
  • Every year, around 600 million children are born into a home without access to good sanitation.
  • Women in Africa and Asia have to carry dirty water in a bucket on their heads which often weigh up to 40 pounds, and that's the weight of an American 4 year old child.
  • Unsafe water usually contain diseases which can cause sicknesses such as diarrhea, which will make the person dehydrated, which will eventually kill them.
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Our Solution

Our solution to helping people in Africa is to show them what to do so that they'll never be without sanitation products or safe water again. We would build wells over in the counties that needs the most help, and then we'll show them how to fix it if they need to, and give them the tools that they'll need in order to fix it. We'll do the same process with showers and toilets.

Where we'll travel

We will travel to the poorest countries of Africa and Asia.
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Our Goal

Our goal with this non-profit organization is to help families around the world to have access to clean and safe water and to have better hygiene and sanitation.
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