Discussing Creativity

TED Talks and Thoughts

Defining Creativity

How Do You Define Creativity? Sir Ken Robinson Video Series from Adobe Education

Steps to Problem Solving, Presented Retro Style

Steps To Innovation And Creative Thinking With ThoughtOffice.com

Everyone Can Think Creatively, Mind Tasks

List the Six Steps of Creativity.
How To Have Better Creative Thinking

How Do We Tap Into Creative Solutions?

What is the creative process? We will be watching these TED Talks to spark discussion, reflect on our own process of creating, and expand our understanding of the role creativity will have in impacting our futures.

Pinky, Tell Me About My Creative Matter, the Brain!

Watch more than once, because you need to list the parts of the brain, then research which parts specifically contribute to forming 1) connections to prior knowledge, 2) long term memory, 3) receiving visual stimuli, and 4) building new ideas.

You will need to

search the web for multiple reading resources for this. Cite the ones you used.

pinky and the brain-brainstem

Creativity Requires Time


  1. Timed task, draw a clock in ten seconds.
  2. Timed task now for ten minutes...draw a picture including a clock.
  3. Reflect on your own drawings, write how they compare on back of the first drawing
  4. Discuss with group differences in two drawings.
  5. NOW-Watch video!
Creativity requires TIME

29 Ways to Stay Creative


Advice from Ira Glass, Keep Working!

On Being Creative

Ten Speakers- Watch five of your choice.

Watch Kirby discuss the sources of our ceations.

Q- How much of our creativity exists from within? Or without? ( our influences)

Q-Do you agree with him that our influences cannot be overlooked? Or, do you believe we ARE capable of endless new ideas? EXPLAIN!

John Cleese Lectures on Creatives

"Telling people how to be creative is easy - being creative is difficult." John Marwood Cleese

Watch and be thinking: How can I tap into more creative levels of thought?

What are three of the five factors to support creativity according to Cleese?

John Cleese on Creativity