Local Rights

By: Bradyn Johnson & Noah Madison

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Plessy v.s Ferguson

Homer Plessy got in trouble for riding in a all white car when he was 7/8 white and 1/8 black and went to jail. Plessy was considered white so he didn't think that it was legal. He went to the supreme court on this case but it was considered legal because the 14 amendment said that equality between races as political and civil rights not social rights. So Plessy lost the case and went to jail.

Women Want More Rights

Women weren't allowed to leave the house if an issue occurred. So they started to try to form a law that says that men can't drink alcohol. But no men would agree to that so they just decided on the right to vote.

Right To Vote

In 1847 the supreme court stated the constitution did not allow female to vote. Then the women's rights leaders decided not to go back to court after the 42nd time and decided that the states would decide to make it a state law instead of a national law. The some states voted to make this a law Wyoming in 1869 Utah, Colorado and Oregon by 1900 and 11 more by 1981.

19th Amendment

Eventually, states made a state law that women could vote and then they realized that women voted them into congress so they started to vote for women's suffrage. Then after a while a lot of people in congress voted for women's suffrage and it finally became a law.