A Look at Family

Genre 2

An Overview

The Vatican synod recently met and discussed family life openly. Pope Francis has been more accepting about the topic at hand and has turned heads speaking about the issues. As far as the official report went down, the language was watered down. It is expected that Pope Francis will appoint more cardinals and bishops that see things more the way that he does, in order to see the change he is looking for. The family realities of today are looking for the developed doctrine. The way the topics are discussed have also developed. The case used to be just 30 years ago that church officials could have been silenced for discussing these topics. Pope Francis is urging participants to speak what they feel. The synod will meet again in one year to discuss things once again (Gibson).

All families matter, God played a part in them all.

The Main Controversy

The big controversy in the past synod was the focus on gays and lesbians. Pope Francis is focusing on the positive in human sexuality by stating that the people could have "gifts and qualities to offer". Catholic gay-rights group around the world see this as a step in the right direction while Conservative groups see it as the exact opposite. The two sides of the argument will never see eye to eye but the synod next year will prove to be interesting (Willey).

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