LAC-O Student Engagement Committee


We will optimize student engagement in support of high levels of learning.

2014-2015 LAC-O Student Committee meeting dates

October 24, 2014 OS Room 245

November 12, 2014 OS Room 245

December 10, 2014 OS Summit Campus Room 126

January 20, 2015 OS Room 245

February 24, 2015 OS Summit Campus Room 126

March 10, 2015 OS Room 250

April 14, 2015 OS Room 250

May 12, 2015 OS Room 235

June 18, 2015 Retreat – 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

E.L. Johnson Nature Center (Bloomfield Schools)

3325 Franklin Road

Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302

Oakland County Effective Practices Conferences 2015

Preparations underway! We will be defining and recruiting facilitators for student engagement related sessions! stay tuned!

Professional Learning Opportunities!

Coming soon!


Check out the LAC-O Student Engagement page for recent resources!

Formative Assessment with Doug Fisher: Presentation here

Student Voice

Actively seeking practitioners supporting student voice with intention!


LAC-O Retreat 2013-2014

Meetin Notes LAC-O Student Engagement Committee

October 24, 2014

9:00 – 11:00 AM

I. Welcome and Introductions Larry Thomas welcomed everyone to the new school year for our LAC-O Student

Larry Thomas welcomed everyone to the new school year for our LAC-O Student

Engagement Committee. Introductions were made from the group.

II. Community Builder/Connector

III. Review/Updates from the Retreat, 2014

i. LAC-O Retreat 2013

ii. Would like to have feedback from the LAC-O Retreat 2013 – you have a hard copy in your folder or you can take the survey online at

iii. LAC-O Student Engagement Committee Smore – we will place notes and resources on this Smore.

IV. Committee Goal

a. Sub-committee goals

b. Overarching tasks of our committee

i. Preparation for Effective Practice Conference (June, 2015) – Lake Orion

1. Need to identify colleagues to present by Feb., 2015

2. The conference will be centered around LAC-O’s four goals.

Early Childhood, Literacy, Math and Student Engagement

ii. Student voice work in the county:

School Quality, consultants that will work with Student Voice is

Mary Perfitt-Nelson, Kristen Gullen, Jay Marks

V. Committee Work: Website, Survey, Video

a. What are your goals?

b. How do you plan to achieve your goals?

c. What are the barriers to achieving your goals?

d. What supports/resources do you need to achieve your goals, and from whom?

e. Who will do what?

f. When are you going to meet as a sub-committee

VI. Exit Survey

Next meeting date November 12, 2014

Sub Committee notes

Video Production Sub Committee

October 24, 2014

Present: Darby, Cindy, RJ and Julie

Much discussion about where to house videos and how to have them readily accessible.

· RJ showed screen cast of Atlas Rubicon used in Novi with Camtasia. We might be

able to do the same thing. Videos 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Allows stats for views,

including country of origin. Would allow links to social media – Twitter

Questions about permissions

Need for Facebook page that will help connect us to parents and teachers

Video Content:

· Individual student videos – answering questions around student engagement

· Teacher videos – teachers doing the work

· Focus groups:

o Goal – Larry conducting focus group conversations

o PBS – pitch airing the videos

o State of Opportunity NPR radio

· Videos organized around the domains of the student engagement survey

How to recruit folks for videos

· Students

o recruited through leadership conference, both past and present presenters.

o Also could capture their feedback at the conference

· Teachers

o Contact communications/marketing folks in districts to find if this is already being done.

o Coordinate with Jay and the work in social justice

o Social media all call – Jean MacLeod to help

o Larry to recruit through Teaching and Learning

· Parents

o Use the 14 parent networks

o Students to video?

o Use P/T conferences and other events to interview parents

Julie: Get questions for student interviews to committee. Also get domains from survey.

Website/Social Media Sub Committee

What are your goals for the year?

A. Professional development – upcoming events

B. Workshop templates/Lesson designs

C. Tools and resources

· Provide examples of effective practices and delivery

How do you plan to achieve your goals? (Plan of action/Steps)

A. Professional development – upcoming events

B. Workshop templates/Lesson designs

C. Tools and resources

· Create multiple venues of getting information out (Facebook, Twitter, Smore, Scoop-it, etc.)

· Add a Resource Sharing folder to the website - ask colleagues in our committee, and throughout the county to share resources

What are the barriers to achieving your goals, and/or questions that we have?

· How do we harness resources (standing item)?

· How do we find people (standing item)?

· Which social media vehicles do we want to use, and how?

· How to get information back into classes?

Survey Sub Committee

Revise Surveys

* Reliability and Factor Analysis to identify questions that can be eliminated

* Cmte reviews candidate questions for construct need

* Retitle constructs / Domains

* AdvancEd Survey, HOPE Survey, Exit Surveys,

* School Improvement

* MDE Program Evaluation Tool

* ONLINE Version - practice

Parent Survey

Select Schools - Grade, Elementary & Middle Surveys Student Input