Tiger Talk 20-21

Edition 4 #ExpectExcellence

Message from Mrs. Headrick

Our first week of school has come and gone. It sure was a whirlwind. First, and foremost, thank you to all of the parents and caregivers with your patience with us. The beginning of each school year always presents new challenges. This year the challenges have been CHALLENGES, but we are adjusting. Students are working together to follow the guidelines with masks and social distancing. Parents and caregivers are being cooperative in our arrival and dismissal procedures as well as the screening and mask procedures required for entry into the school. You are so appreciated!

As expected with any new endeavor, there have been some adjustments for students who are participating in remote learning. Initially, there were several issues with logging on, but most of those appear to be resolved. Here are a couple of things that will really help your child to be a successful remote learner.

1. Make sure that your child logs on at the appropriate class time. If a student does not log on at the appropriate time, he/she may miss the class. Teachers are busy teaching remote and on-site learners at the same time. It is often difficult for them to have to stop class to continue to admit students who are late. A student who does not log in on time cannot be assured to be admitted to the class in a timely manner, especially if the class has started. We want all of our students, remote and on-site, to have the most successful learning experience possible.

2. If you are still having issues with logging on, please have your student email the teacher. All of the teacher's emails are listed in the student/parent handbook. I have included a copy of the non-abbreviated version of the student handbook in this newsletter for your review. Students received an abbreviated version of the handbook in their planner/agendas, but another one is included in this newsletter.

Our hashtag this school year is #ExpectExcellence. We want our students to know that they should expect excellence in all things...academics, sports, life, etc. We also want them to know that we also expect excellence from them. We will continue to strive for excellence this school year, no matter the challenges with which we are faced.

Thank you once again for your continued thoughts and prayers as this school year begins. As always, please feel free to reach out to me should you have any questions or concerns. My contact information is listed below.

Mrs. Headrick



Raptor Security System Update

As you are accustomed to already, when you pick up your child for an early dismissal we use the Raptor Security System to check out your child. This system usually stores your driver's license information from year to year so that we do not have to repeatedly scan your identification. This year, however, the system was updated and driver's license information did not update. This means that all persons, including yourselves, picking up your child will have to bring his/her identification to be rescanned. We apologize for this inconvenience, but we know that you understand the importance of keeping your children as safe as possible. When an i.d. is scanned, it automatically is cross-referenced with the national sex offender registry. Alerts can even be added for students who may have custodial parent issues.

Thank you for your understanding should we request your identification this year. There should not be any problems with further updates, at least for a few years.

Click on the links below for the student/parent handbook.

Bus Changes

Because bus seating is limited this year due to the COVID-19 safety guidelines, students are not allowed to ride home with friends. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

AAU Wrestling Information

Interested in participating in the AAU wrestling program that partners with our school?

Make plans to attend sign-ups and parent meeting on September 19 at 10:00 am at the WMS field house. For more information, please contact Eric Davis at 240-4590.

COVID-19 Exposure Clarification

Trying to understand exposure has been difficult for everyone, myself included. Here is some clarifying information regarding exposure and quarantining. Exposure is defined as 10 or more minutes when you were less than 6 feet away from a person, with or without a mask. If a student or staff member is exposed to a positive case, he/she must quarantine for 14 days. Exposure is direct contact with the positive case. For example, if a student at WMS has a sister at the high school who has been exposed to a positive case, the WMS student does not have to quarantine, unless he/she tests positive. Exposure has to be direct. Hopefully, this will help clarify.

For an entire copy of the Marion County Reentry plan, click on the link below.


Ways to Stay Updated

Information and updates are communicated in four ways: Remind text messages, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Information is sent via Remind first, then is posted to the other social media platforms. Be sure to follow us on IG, FB, and Twitter. If you have not signed up for the free text messages, please do so by following the instructions listed below. Each grade level and sport also has a Remind account. You should have already received information from them on how to sign up for their messages.

Text (484) 893-4172 with the message @6c4gbb9864 in the subject line. If you are a first time user, you will be prompted to enter your name. This is a free group messaging service that will allow you to get messages, but not respond. No one will be able to see your phone number.

Student Mantra

I Am the One Who…

Pushes myself to be someone.

Is helpful, encouraging, and kind.

Accepts others for who they are.

Stays true to myself.

Is willing to take risks.

Stands up for others.

Does the right thing.

Visor Placards for Afternoon Dismissal

Placards with student names have been distributed to all of the cars in the dismissal line. These placards have been placed on the sun visor in the car and are helpful when students are being dismissed. Placards were made for all WMS students. If you would like for us to send home your child's placard, just in case you would be picking him/her up in the car dismissal line, simply contact your child's teacher.

About Our School

For transportation changes or to email an excuse for an absence, please use the email listed below..
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