Running Loose

Chris Crutcher

My Way- Frank Sinatra

I chose this song for the opening scene in the book the main character, Louie, is talking about his senior year in high school. He is saying that everything he did was for a purpose. He wouldn't change anything about it except the fact that his girlfriend died.

Don't Leave your Mark on me- Meat Loaf

I chose this song because it has a bad attitude. Louie gets really mad when one of his teammates takes a black kid out of the game because the coach told him to. He starts throwing stuff because he knows if was a cheap shot that didn't get called. He walks off the football field because he didn't want to be part of something that wasn't right.

Can't feel my face- The Weekend

I chose this song for Louie and Becky's scene at the cabin. They went out there for the weekend to be alone. They end up just laying by the fire telling stories to each other. Louie just really enjoys being alone with her and getting to know her.

When I see you again- Wiz Khalifa

I chose this song because Becky dies in a car accident. Becky was Louie's girlfriend and they were very close. Louie is very down and hard on himself because of it. His dad gets him out of school for a week to help him deliver things 6 hours away. This gives him 12 hours a day to be alone on the drive and think.