New Carlisle Elementary News

September 2018

OneView Online Registration

Our online registration process is much easier than in the past. Remember all the paper forms we used to have? Remember having to fill out multiple forms for all your children? I do. Now you can go online and do it ONCE! You can also link you children's information. Another bonus is, if you did this process last year all you need to do this year is go back into the sight and check over the information, SAVE and SUBMIT. However, we do need you to go in ASAP to do this so the information we have on your child is accurate in our data system.



We have a district REMIND text app this year. You will not have to sign up to be a part of this communication. This will come be helpful when you need to be alerted of weather delay, safety information or other district related messages. We also have the ability for individual building access so you will also be getting information directly about NCES. However, we are still working out some of the kinks so we appreciate your patience. Thank you.


NCES has started an Instagram page. We are trying to post photos almost daily. Join us at New Carlisle Elementary to see the fun and educational happenings.

Upcoming September Events

September 3- Labor Day NO SCHOOL

September 12 - Scheduled 2 hour delay

September 17- Boy/Girl Scouts meet with kids at lunch

September 18- Boy/Girl Scouts meeting with parents at NCES @ 6:00pm

September 18 - Parent / Teacher Conferences

September 20- Parent / Teacher Conferences

September 21- NO SCHOOL / Teacher Inservice

September 24- Fall Picture Day

September 25- Bully Free Assessmbly

Elementary School Counselor

New Carlisle Elementary School is elated to have Meagan Wagner as a school counselor this year. The position is very needed in all our elementary schools and will benefit many of our students. New Carlisle, Park Layne and Donnelsville Elementary will all share this new counselor position. Meagan’s goal is to run small groups and individual sessions with students. She is here to meet the needs of our students, listen to them and help them to handle the difficult situations they are dealing with in their lives. She will Listen to students' concerns about academic, emotional or social problems. She will Help students process their problems and plan goals and actions moving forward. Meagan will also mediate conflict between students. She will be available to help staff with any crisis interventions or situations that may arise. Meagan plans to also have time to get into all of the fourth and fifth grade classrooms to teach a program called Botivin which focuses on life skills, such as: self esteem, self awareness and conflict resolution. Welcome to Tecumseh Local Meagan Wagner.

PTO We Need You!

We will be holding a Tecumseh Elementary PTO meeting on Monday, October 1 , at TMS at 7:00 pm. Everyone is welcome. PTO has their own Remind page. On your phone Type: @tecelempto in the message space, put 81010 where the number goes, and join. If you have questions please call our office at 845-4480.

Come to the office if you would like to pick up a flier.

Child Nutrition News

Free and reduced applications expire in the next couple of weeks. Families only have until the last serving day in September to apply for free and reduced. If you have questions please call the nutrition department at 845-4519.

Children are able to charge 3 times, the 4th charge the student will be given a turkey/cheese sandwich and carton of milk.

Parents set up EZpay to help you with your nutritional needs. You can go to EZpay and also setup alerts.

Therapy Dog Bexley

As you know, school can be as source of stress for your student. Students can find it to be confusing, scary, or just plain boring. A therapy dog just might change that!

Mrs. O’Reilly is a fourth grade intervention specialist at NCES and has worked for the district for 26 years. She and her dog Bexley spent 10 weeks in a training program called Dogtors University. This is a course in animal assisted therapy (AAT). They are qualified to visit places such as hospitals, nursing homes, and schools.

Research shows that therapy dogs in a classroom can increase student attendance and interest. It also makes the classroom experience more positive for everyone. These things lead to more success for students.

Bexley was introduced as our school therapy dog last year and he has had a positive effect on our students (and staff) at NCES! We are grateful to have the continued support of our principal, special education supervisor,
superintendent, and AAT trainers as we continue with this
program. There may be issues that would need to be
addressed, such as students with allergies, but we are
hopeful that we can find a solution to any situation that

Bexley is a golden doodle; he is a certified therapy dog that loves children. While there is no breed that is hypoallergenic, he is the next best thing. He sheds very little and as a therapy dog, is groomed on a regular basis.

We wanted to let you know that your student will be in a
school where a therapy dog is present. More information about the Dogtors program can be found at If you have questions about Bexley, you can email Mrs. O’Reilly at

Arrival/Dismissal at NCES

Arrival - There will be NO supervision for students until 7:45am each morning. Students need to remain with parents in their cars or standing with them outside until 7:45am. If students are walking to school they need to make sure they are not coming too soon. When the doors are opened all parents are to remain outside unless you are entering through the office, the secretary will be available to help you with any questions you may have. Also, please DO NOT stop your car on the cross walk at anytime.

Dismissal - We encourage all students to be picked up using the curb lane. This way you do not have to get out of your car, students can enter the car right from the curb and there is no need for kids crossing into the parking lot.

You are welcome to park your car and walk your child up to the school or pick them up at the end of the day if you use a parking spot.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Positive Referrals

The students at NCES are able to receive positive referrals from staff for going above and beyond. We are so proud of our students that earn positive referrals this year. They get their photo taken, get a bracelet, candy or a pencil and a lot of praise from the office staff as they head back to class. Their photo then gets hung in the office and hallway. They are also mentioned on the morning announcements. It is really exciting for our students.

The students who have received this honor so far this year are: Recognized for 4th Grade: Gavin Byington, Yisel Cruz, Rilie Fisher and Sam Dillon.

Recognized for 5th Grade:
Hunter Chassereau, Mariano Lopez, and Jayleen Arevalos Lara.

WAY TO GO KIDS!!!! You are the good example for others! Keep it up the great work.

Collection Corner

Plastic Caps

NCES along with Tecumseh Local Schools is continuing to collect the caps from plastic bottles. These caps are being collected and recycled into benches that we can put at our schools. We are trying teaching our students and community to reduce, reuse, recycle. We recently sent a big box truck off to recycle with 2,000 pounds of caps! Way to go TLS! Students can bring caps into the school for tickets.

Pop Tabs

New Carlisle Elementary is continuing a school-wide collection of pop tabs. If you drink pop at home and would send the tabs in with your child we would greatly appreciate them. We also would accept dog/cat food tabs and can food tabs. Thank you for helping with this cause. The children are really excited to help out.

Boxtops for Education

Please continue to send in Boxtops for Education. We use these funds to help buy items for the children to help support their activities that take place here at NCES. Please keep saving and sending the Boxtops and Campbell’s label proofs into school as you collect them.