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By: Tolu Adeniji

Quiz on Colonization and Slavery

Q1: Name at least 2 main european countries that colonized Africa

Q2: Define colonialism

Q3: What conference ended slavery in Africa

Q4: By ____ most of Africa was free from European rule.

Q5: Slaves were normally transported from the old to ___ world

Q6: what is Pan-Africanism?

Q7: Name 1 European colonial power that took control of african tribes and the way live

Q8: What country originally started the Transatlantic slave trade?

Q9: When you were being transported from the old to the new world it was called___________________

Q10: what was the main reason Europeans were interested in Africa?

Q1: Britain, France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, and Italy.

Q2: Forced control of a nation by another nation

Q3: The Berlin Conference of 1884

Q4: By 1980 most of Africa was free from European rule.

Q5: Slaves were normally transported from the old to new world

Q6: Pride in being African

Q7: France, Britain, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Italy

Q8: Portugal

Q9: The Middle passage

Q10: Slaves

The Apartheid

In 1948 the Afrikaners was elected to power in South Africa. The Afrikaners were racist and thought blacks should be separated from whites. They established a law called Apartheid. The white population was very small, 15% of the population was white but they owned 87% of the land. But the apartheid separated them and took away some rights from Africans.

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The End of Apartheid

After a long time of riots and protest apartheid was ended my a president by the name of F.W DE Klein. Soon after the president's term ended Nelson Mandela ( a man who inspired Colored people in Africa to stand up for what's right) was elected president. Still years after apartheid ended whites still control most of the wealth in South Africa.
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The independence movements of Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa

South Africa - When the white government took over they set laws separating whites and blacks. This was called the Apartheid. This took away many rights "non whites" enjoyed. Nelson Mandela set up peaceful protest against Apartheid. He was then arrested for 28 years. Protest still continued and Apartheid was finally ended my President F.W. De Klerk. Nelson Mandela was then released from prison and was the first president of a multi cultural election is South Africa.

Kenya - In the 1950's the Mau Mau rebellion started. The Mau Mau movement was a militant African nationalist group that opposed British colonial rule. They were mainly made of Kikuyu members and used violence as a answer. The Mau Mau attacked government officials and white settlers. In 1952 the government started arresting independent leader. They also arrested people who had little connection to the Mau Mau like Jomo Kenyatta. The Mau Mau and the British army had a bloody civil war. In 1957 the British allowed direct elections of native leaders to the Legislature council. Soon the British worked with settlers on a constitution. Soon enough Kenya had it's independence from the British. Then in 1963 Jomo Kenyatta was the first democratically elected prime minister of Kenya.

Nigeria - In 1901 Nigeria became a British colonized country. After world war 2 nationalism started to grow in Nigeria. Th British then started writing constitutions that started moving Nigeria to self rule. On 1960 Nigeria became the first independent state. Soon in 1961 a country by the name of Cameron divided into a Southern and Northern State. Northern Cameron them became part of Nigeria.