Oliver Cromwell

The Common Wealth of England

About Oliver Cromwell

Oliver Cromwell was born on April 25, 1599, in Huntingdon, England. He became a military and political leader who overthrew the English monarchy and temporarily turned England into a republican common wealth.Oliver Cromwell was a deeply religious man and was a puritan who was really strict. He allowed Jews to live in England since 1290. Oliver Cromwell died on September 3 at the age of 59 in 1658 due to malaria. After his death Charles II ordered his body be dug up and tried in court as a traitor. His body was soon hanged then beheaded.


-believed that everybody should lead their lives according to what was written in the Bible

-Cromwell had a hatred for the Irish Catholics

-Cromwell banned Christmas as people would have known it then

-believed that women and girls should dress in a proper manner

-Puritan men wore black clothes and short hair.

"Make the iron hot by striking it."


-He was a successful politician, unafraid to speak his mind

-He helped bring about Britain's first, and only, Republic

-He was a talented military commander who helped the Puritans win the Civil War in England