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Artur Ginter

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About Me

Hi my name is Artur Ginter. I am in the 7th grade at Culver School. I am a Male.


I like to play many sports. My favorite sport is basketball. I play for many teams.I play as a shooting guard. My favorite basketball team is the Golden State Warriors. My favorite players are Stephen Curry and Micheal Jordan. I also like to play/watch Hockey.I used to play as a right-winger.My favorite team is the Chicago Black-hawks. My favorite player is Patrick Kane.


I am not a you-tuber but I really like to watch YouTube. My favorite you-tuber is Roman Atwood. I also like Fousey Tube. They are both really funny pranksters and vlogers.


One of my hobbies is to buy shoes. Its sounds crazy but I like it. My favorite shoe company is Nike. I like Jordan's,Curry’s,D rose’s,and Lebron's. Another hobby of mine is to play sports. I play Basketball,Soccer,Hockey. Also I really like playing ping pong.


I like to play many video games.I like to play NBA 2K16,NHL 16, BlackOps,GTA 5 and more.


I really like to watch movies.I like Back to the Future,Star Wars, The Maze Runner,and more.


I currently have no pets but I would probably get one in the future.My favorite pet is a dog. I also like hamsters.


I like to eat Pizza.I also like Hot Wings. My favorite fruits are Grapes and Apples


I know how to play the guitar,saxophone,clarinet,and a little bit of piano. My favorite music to hear is by 21 pilots,Drake,D.J snake,Fall out boy,and more.


My biggest fear is not doing good on the SAT's and not going to a collage. If I will receive a low score I will not go to a good collage.I will have a bad education and might not have a good job.
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Dream Collages

One of my biggest dreams are going to a very good collage.I would really want to go to Duke,UCLA,or Kansas.If I am not able to achieve this dream I would like to go to De-Paul,Kentucky,etc

What I don't like.

I don't like

Lebron James,

Cleveland Cavaliers,


To draw,

To write on paper,

To sing,

To dance,

Fun Facts

I used to go to Onahan School.

I was born in Chicago.

I move to Niles in July.

I have 1 sister and 1 brother.

I have no pets.

Evan used to go to the same school with me.

I've been in 4 Bulls games,3 Black-hawks games,and 1 Miami Heat game(when Lebron James,Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh used to play on one team).

Thank You For Watching!!!!!!!