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Point of Origin

Hinduism originated in India.

How did Hindusim spread?

Hinduism was spread by when Hindu kingdoms started being established ? These kingdoms promoted Hindu beliefs. Also another reason how Hinduism spread was by merchants. Wherever these merchants went their religion always came before them.

Where is Hinduism most influential today?

Hinduism is most influential today in India.

How many followers are there worldwide?

One billion people follow Hindusim.

Polytheistic or Monotheistic?

Hinduism is a polythestic religion.

Who is the main deity in Hinduism?

Hindu's consider Brahman or Isvara. Then there is three main gods representing the Hindu Trinity. One is Vishnu, the force for preservation. Two is Brahma the creator, and three, Siva the destructive force.

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Who and when was Hinduism founded?

Hinduism has no specific founder because it is a religion that has evolved and developed over time. Hinduism first appeared around 1500 B.C.E.

What do Hindu followers call their holy book(s)?

The primary Hindu religious holy books are called Vedas. Hindus are to choose their own path for enlightenment. They choose a path which suits them in terms of current position, abilities and needs. They are guided by a Guru.

How is the Hinduism leadership organized?

  1. Brahmins (priests)
  2. Kshatriyas (the military)
  3. Vaishya (farmers and merchants)
  4. Sutras (peasants and servants)
  5. Harijans (outcasts)

Basic Beliefs

The basic belief of Hinduism are:

1. The authority of the Vedas and Brahmins

2. They believe in reincarnation.

3. They believe in Karma.

What sects of Hinduism have developed over time?

80% of Hindus are Vaishnavites. They worship Lord Vishnu. Others follow neo-Hindu sects.