complex patterns of inheritance

by: dustin patton

multiple alleles

definition: three or more alternative or allelic forms of genes, only two of which can exist in any normal diploid individual

offspring phenotype: there are more than two alleles in phenotype

example: ABO blood group system, human leukocyte associated antigen HLA genes humans are controlled by three alleles iA, iB, iO

incomplete dominance

definition: refers to genetic situation in which one allele does not completely dominate another allele

offspring phenotype: if two homozygous are blended together is will basically be heterozygous

example: long tailed dog, blue bird, brown rat, light skinned person


definition: relationship between two versions of gene

offspring phenotype: has 3 phenotypes

example: red, roan(red + white spots) , white

polygenic traits

definition: one whose phenotype is influenced by one or more gene

offspring phenotype: expressed in a range

example: human height, skin color