People in Science

By: Ceci Daly

Jon Bohmer

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The Facts

~Invented a(n) oven that uses sunlight

~Materials are cardboard, foil, and sunlight

~Homade oven

~Can get hot enough to cook food and boil water

~Five dollers to make

~Was inspired by a book from the 1960's

Dijanna Figueroa

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The Facts

~Marine Biologist

~Spends up to 12 hours a day in a lab

~Appeared in the IMAX film, "Aliens of the Deep."

~Currently works as a project scientest

~Works at The Marine Science Instatute in CA

~Wants to get young people interested in "Real-life science."

~Studies the metabolisms that live in exstream conditions

Mitchell W. Pryor

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The Facts

~Robotics Engineer

~Learned to build robots in collage

~Went to the University of Texes in Austin

~Conducts robot researchon a regular basis

~Test new ways to use robots

~Recived a Ph.D from UT

Agnes Riley

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The Facts

~Computer expert

~From Budapest, Hungary

~Taught herself about computers

~In 1999 she moved to New York City

~She took a test to become a licenced computer technician

~Enjoys challenges

~Has a dog named Atlas

~Likes photography and riding her motorcycle