Better Together

Project Extra Survival Guide for Extended Break

Dear Project Extra Families and Beyond,

I wanted to put a resource together for you that would not only provide some online and curricular stimulation but also some suggestions on how to help your gifted and talented students with some of their overexcitabilities that are getting some extra stimulation these days. I am also creating a district website that I will break these subjects up and add more sites and activities if you need them.

I also want to let you know that if you need any help, suggestions, emotional support, etc.. over the next few weeks please reach out to myself and each other. I am going to open up our Facebook page if I can figure it out so that we can share activities that we are doing and just stay in touch. I plan on putting some videos, challenges, lego challenges and instant challenges on their google classroom pages with links. I would love for the kids to share any of their creations. There is no obligation but just wanted everyone to keep in touch!!

Resources for Emotional Support

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Virtual Field Trips

Physical Activity

KIDS WORKOUT ! Full 25 min exercise routine program for kids and parents lose weight 2019
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Music and Drama

Art & Creativity

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Amazing site for free online classes for ages 3-18. Tons of awesome choice for everything imaginable!!!

Adventure Academy - Code is SCHOOL7771



Foreign Language